Apr 14, 2011

Twiggy’s legal team: native title video ‘incites racial hatred’

In an email from Fortescue's legal team to Vimeo, FMG says a controversial native title video is defamatory, misleading and "designed to intimidate".

Tom Cowie

Crikey journalist

Lawyers representing Fortescue Metal Group (FMG) and CEO Andrew Forrest have sent legal letters to a video hosting website requesting they take down a controversial clip of a native title meeting held in Roebourne last month despite issuing a denial to Crikey yesterday that they’d been in touch with Vimeo.


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65 thoughts on “Twiggy’s legal team: native title video ‘incites racial hatred’

  1. Captain Planet

    Thank you for doing your part to keep this issue at the forefront of the public consciousness, Crikey.

    If the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporations’ allegations are true, then FMG have been exposed red handed, in an attempted exploitation of traditional owners which rivals colonial dispossession of land, in its scope and greed.

    Whilst Twiggy himself, in my opinion, has little to fear from scrutiny of his personal conduct at the meeting, the actions of his subordinates, who can only be assumed to be acting on his direct instructions, were insulting, dismissive, overbearing and downright sinister.

  2. Mr Squid

    Forrest is just another tyically thuggish, bullying miner. This reality is a million miles away from the way the Australian and the ABC portray him

  3. SBH

    I’m no lawyer but the vid just seems to show one sides version of what went on at a public meeting. The main actors speak for them selves and I can’t see how distributing video of what people actually did is defamatory. But as I said I’m no lawyer.

    Not being a lawyer I also can’t understand how Ron Bower was able to act for the Wirlu-Murra group and be paid by FMG. In my world that’s one of them conflict of interest.

  4. Syd Walker

    It’s predictable that anti-free speech legislation ends up being used by the wealthy and powerful to defend their interests.

    Chilling to see the reference to “incites racial hatred” in FMG’s complaint.

    Right on cue…

  5. Elan

    It isn’t defamatory. Forrest’s legal thugs are doing what thugs do; they are threatening; they are intimidating. It’s bluff-and it is regularly done.

    They managed to scare Vimeo off. Let’s see if they scare YT.

    GenOne has been a good investment methinks….

    “the more you know Aborigines; the more you love them” You SOB Forrest.

    The rest has me too boiling mad to comment further.

    …………except to say that Bower is a maggot.

  6. david

    More evidence of just who is running WA and it sure as hell isnt Barnett and his rabble

  7. shepherdmarilyn

    And trying to give the natives a string of beads in return for their land and land rights in the 21st century doesn’t incite hate?

    Forrest lives in the dark ages.

  8. PoppyWagner

    Shame on FMG and Twiggy Forrest personally for allowing this travesty of a meeting to proceed. It is was more than obvious that FMG intended to get what they wanted by whatever devious and thugish means necessary. Bower has ONE client and it isn’t the Wirlumurra peoples, it’s FMG!!

  9. Grinder

    And now the miners/Stokes have bought out Channel Seven, along with WA’s only daily paper.

  10. Mort

    Is that true that FMG bussed in a group from another unrelated area to vote on Yindjibarndi Aboriginal land matters?


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