Andrew McClelland has in the past acted as an educator during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, in shows such as Time Ninjas (with Lawrence Leung) and last year’s Somewhat Accurate History of the Fall of the Roman Empire. This year he’s taken a right turn, and come up with Truth be Told, a carefully crafted group of stories from his personal life, all interwoven in a fashion that would make Quentin Tarantino proud.

In a word, it was brilliant. Hilarious, warm, and there were so many levels to it my wife and I are still trying to mimic his Italian barber impersonation two days later. McClelland takes you on a tale with tangents, all held together with his attempts to pick up a possible lesbian ( unfortunately for him, they’re usually exactly the same as ‘his type’).

On the way he’ll tell us about a meeting with a French sniper, his appearance in a Czech music video, and an encounter with Melbourne’s sexiest barber. Resplendent in a three piece suit, McClelland was at his best.

The night I was there he even masterfully handled some drunk and overenthusiastic young ladies in the front row, who felt they had as much to contribute to the show as he did. Always the gentleman, he patiently calmed them and quickly found his place in his story.

Without being pun heavy, it is Andrew’s stories and his command of language that makes his show so funny. It’s his impersonations and his reenactments that will have you holding your stomach as you laugh. This is Andrew McClelland in his best show yet – if you haven’t seen one of his performances yet, it’s high time you did!

Andrew McClelland in Truth be Told, in the Vic Hotel, 7:15pm until April 24th.

For those that have seen the show, here’s Andrew’s appearance in a Czech music video.