Tanned ad man John Singleton's wallet might be lighter after shouting the bar after a recent Group One victory at Rosehill, but the millions he'll bank from his "Its [sic] un-Australian" campaign on behalf of the Australian Hotels Association and Clubs Australia is almost certain to cure the hangover. Even without the apostrophe, or the required political disclaimer in The Australian Financial Review, the $20 million campaign sprung to life today with 'Who Voted for a Licence to Punt?' full-pagers in The Australian, The Fin and News tabloids in which the 'address' on the licence is mysteriously spelled 'adrress'. The accompanying TV ad, in which 'licence' is mysteriously spelled 'license', features two everyday blokes bantering over a beer about Andrew Wilkie's pernicious plan to rein in their punting.

The script emanating from the savvy creatives at Singleton's Banjo Advertising -- an agency allegedly "set up against the status quo", has to be heard to be believed:
Bloke 1: "This licence to pay the pokies the feds are talking about. That's a bit of a worry." Bloke 2: "What?" .... Bloke 2: "See some bloke in Tassie got voted in and Gillard needs his vote and he hates pokies" Bloke 1: "No way, a licence to have a punt? It's un-Australian" Bloke 2: "I know. I mean, what's next? They'll be telling us how many beers to have next. Gillard'd be crazy to back that wouldn't she?"