Margaret Simons writes: Re. “Fairfax ed count: where the chiefs outnumber the Indians” (yesterday, item 16). It’s a bad week for me getting titles wrong. In my Crikey piece on Fairfax yesterday, I referred to Mark Baker having been appointed Special Editor at The Age. While he may well be special, his new title is in fact Senior Editor. Apologies to all concerned.

Campbell Newman:

Ken Lambert writes: Re. “Benjamin Law: the Passion of the Campbell” (yesterday, item 2). The Campbell Newman coup is certainly bewildering for the LNP faithful who, while keenly smelling a winner in waiting; must admit to unease about the Campbell declaring than all the current (old) LNP policies are now void.

Many honest and hardworking LNP souls actually work on policy committees, go to meetings and give up weekends for conventions with the express purpose of formulating policies. Has the Campbell wiped them too — or just told them to go away and try again?

Premier Bligh’s resuscitation by life giving floods and tempests really did panic the LNP into playing the Campbell card before it was even in the pack. The bantam weight title might indeed be his, but Ms Bligh claims the blood of a remarkably durable ancestor, and might surprise in the main contest.

Hopefully, the voters of Queensland will return to their pre-disaster mood and see off one of the worst state administrations in living memory, and not be diverted by the bizarre position of the Campbell, running for Premier at his first outing.

Terry J Mills writes: He’s not the Opposition Leader, he’s not the Leader of the LNP, he’s not the Messiah: he’s just a very naughty boy … apologies to Monty Python.

Andrew Bolt:

John Thompson writes: Barry Everingham (yesterday, comments) has achieved new heights of racist hypocrisy with his anti-Dutch rant at Bolt’s expense.

I have good personal reasons for having disdain for the business practices of many Dutch companies, but that is no reason for maligning the entire population. Cheap shots about clogs and apartheid are on a par with comments often made about indigenous Australians relating to alcohol abuse and a poor work ethic – easy to say, harder to deny in only a few words.

Bolt is easy to dislike and/or disagree with. He can be argued with on his merits, not by a racist rant. I think I would rather spend several hours discussing various issues with Bolt than with Everingham, but then I don’t know either of them.

Judging them only on their writings, I have more respect for Bolt than for Everingham — although respect is not a word I would usually associate with Bolt.

Peter Fray

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