Stephen K. Amos has managed to find the funny side of any situation, and is eager to tell how it works. A regular of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Amos’ show this year comes with the message that laughter is the best medicine to any situation.

The English comedian of Nigerian heritage strides out onto the stage and proceeds to take a dig at Australian concepts, accents, and mannerisms. While it’s a common direction for overseas comedians to take, Stephen’s got a charming way to go about it.

Amos has an attempt at trying to weave a message into his show. Natural disasters? There’s a funny side to that. Being late to your sister’s wedding? There’s a funny side to that too. He’s right as well, as he proceeds to pull out his diary from when he was fourteen, and read out entries from it, as his mother was when he finally arrived at the wedding.

The diary would have been a much stronger concept to hang the show on (if it needed one at all). He’s got some great material when it comes to recounting experiences growing up, and his impersonation of his parents in particular will have you in hysterics. Amos is a skilled storyteller, and his delivery is hilarious.

Much of Amos’ jokes rely on a receptive crowd though, and from where I was sitting in the nosebleed section, he seemed to be struggling with the audience at times. He admitted himself that a few of the jokes died, but it was his own infectious laugh that bought it back on track. At least that proved his point, that laughter is the best medicine after all.

Stephen K. Amos’ show ‘The Best Medicine‘ is on at the Melbourne Town Hall, 7:30pm, until 24th April.