The Winners

  1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven, 7.30pm) — 1.352 million.
  2. Seven News (6pm) — 1.149 million.
  3. Today Tonight (Seven, 6.30pm) — 1.147 million.
  4. The Farmer Wants A Wife (Nine, 8.30pm) — 1.116 million.
  5. Nine News (6pm) — 1.043 million.
  6. Criminal Minds (Seven, 8.30pm) — 1.024 million.
  7. ABC News (7pm) — 1.017 million.

Like a broken record, it was Seven first and daylight second. It was a one program night with My Kitchen Rules proving the big difference, just like Mondays, while Tuesday’s it’s been Packed to the Rafters and now Winners and Losers adding to the dominance of the cooking show.

The Losers

Ten. Lie To Me on Ten from 8.30pm; 406,000 for episode one; 377,000 for episode two. At 9.30pm Hungry Beast beat it on the ABC! Told you that move by Ten would go splat. New Inventors on the ABC at 8pm, 549,000. Lost and no way of finding its way home. Mike & Molloy at 8pm on Nine, 784,000.

News & CA

  1. Seven News (6pm) — 1.149 million.
  2. Today Tonight (Seven, 6.30pm) — 1.147 million.
  3. Nine News (6pm) — 1.043 million.
  4. ABC News (7pm) — 1.017 million.
  5. A Current Affair (Nine, 6.30pm) — 980,000.
  6. The 7PM Project (Ten) — 761,000.
  7. 7.30 (ABC) — 685,000.
  8. Ten News (5pm) — 647,000.
  9. 6.30 With George Negus (Ten, 6.30pm ) — 420,000.
  10. Hungry Beast (ABC, 9.30pm) — 410,000.
  11. 6.30 With George Negus (Ten, 10.30pm) — 192,000.
  12. Lateline (ABC, 10.30pm) — 189,000.
  13. SBS News (6.30pm) — 174,000.
  14. Ten late News/Sports Tonight (11pm) — 147,000.
  15. SBS late News (9.30pm) — 117,000.
  16. Lateline Business (ABC, 11.05pm) — 94,000.


  1. Sunrise (Seven, 7am) — 388,000.
  2. Today (Nine, 7am) — 347,000.

Nine News won Sydney and Brisbane, Seven News won the rest. Today Tonight won everywhere bar Brisbane where A Current Affair got up. This and the 7 to 9 am timeslot are the only times Nine matches Seven at the moment.

The 7pm ABC News in Melbourne with 328,000, had more viewers than either Nine News, Seven News, ACA or Today Tonight in that market for the second night in a row. How embarrassing for Seven and Nine and the multi-million dollar budgets for their four programs compared to what the ABC spends.

6.30 With George Negus won back 40,000 viewers of the 80,000 lost the night before, an interesting development. Ten’s appalling post 8.30pm performance meant the 10.30pm repeat had its lowest audience for a while on a Wednesday night.

The Stats

  • FTA: Seven (3 channels) won with a share of 33.7%, from Nine with 26.8% (3 channels) with Ten (3) on 19.6%, the ABC, (4) was on 15.6% and SBS, (2), 4.3%. Seven leads the week with 31.9% from Nine on 25.5% and Ten with 21.0%.
  • Main Channel: Seven won with 25.0% from Nine on 21.2%, Ten with 12.9% and ABC 1 close behind with 12.3%. SBS ONE ended with 3.8%. Seven leads the week on 24.0% from Nine on 18.8% and Ten on 15.4%.
  • Digital: 7TWO won with 4.9%, from Eleven on 4.1%, 7Mate on 3.8%, GO on 3.3%, Gem on 2.2%, ONE was on 2.6%, ABC2, 2.1%, ABC3, 0.7%, News 24, 0.6% and SBS TWO, 0.5%. That was a total share of FTA prime time viewing last night of 25.1%. 7TWO leads the week with 4.3%, from GO and Eleven on 3.9% each and 7Mate on 3.6%. Neighbours was the most watched program on the digitals with 398,000 viewers.
  • Pay TV: Seven with 3 channels won with a share of 27.9% from Nine (3) on 22.1%, Ten (3) was on 16.2%, Pay TV (100 plus channels) was on 14.1%, the ABC, (4) ended with 12.9% and SBS (2), was on 3.5%. The 15 FTA channels had a total share of TV viewing in prime time of 85.9%, made up of 20.5% for the digital channels and 65.4% for the five main channels.
  • Regional: Prime/7Qld (3 channels) won with a share of 33.6% from WIN/NBN (3) on 29.1%, SC Ten was next (3 channels) with 17.3%, the ABC (4) finished with 15.2% and SBS (2) ended with 4.8%. Prime/7Qld won the main channels with 25.4%, from WIN/NBN on 24.1%, ABC1 was on 11.2% and SC Ten ended with 10.6%. It is the third night this week that ABC1 has beaten Ten into third in regional areas. 7TWO won the digitals with 5.3% from Eleven on 4.3% and GO on 3.3%. The 10 digitals channels had an FTA prime time share last night of 24.0%. Prime/7Qld leads the week on 31.7% from WIN/NBN on 28.1%.
  • Major Markets: Seven won from Nine and Ten overall and everywhere bar Sydney where the ABC beat Ten into third in the main channels and Ten and the ABC tied for third spot in the main channels in Adelaide. 7TWO won Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. It and 7Mate tied in Brisbane. Eleven won Melbourne. Seven leads the week in every metro market.

(All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6 pm to midnight All People)

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Seven, again last night. Nine doesn’t like it and yesterday claimed Seven’s gloating was the worst since Narcissus (or something like that). Nine is like Icarus, (if we are staying with Ancient Greek myths), who flew too close to the Sun and then the wax melted… the myth is taken to mean failed ambition or hubris, which was underpinned Nine’s boastful claims about 2011. (And which Seven has been guilty of in previous years).

Chaser boy Julian Morrow is the EP of a comedy pilot for Seven. Pilot will be shot next week at Seven’s Redfern studios in Sydney. It is a panel comedy show. The premise being ‘True or False’, it is Morrow’s own concept.

And if Ten News didn’t make the pilot for Andrew Bolt’s yell feast, as some at the network insist, who did? Will our Gina Rinehart be EP, as some wags around Ultimo and Pyrmont suggest?

TONIGHT: Brought to you by Heston Blumenthal. Seven changes its solid female attracting audience by dropping in a fresh UK series, Heston’s Mission Impossible, starring the well known chef (who is also on SBS tonight in Heston’s Feasts repeat at 8.30pm). The rest of the night remains in place with Grey’s Anatomy at 8.30pm, followed by Desperate Housewives and then the forgettable Private Practice (which is recorded by a lot of people). Nine has the two Footy Shows after CSI and Getaway. Ten has The 7PM Project and The Biggest Loser as well as the fading The Good Wife. The ABC has Whites.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports

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