John Robertson copped quite a few lightning bolts from Labor’s Mt Olympus before being elected unopposed in NSW (another good look that, isn’t it?) with most media commentators vacillating between “dumb choice” and “who cares, probably good to use him up before the A-team comes in”. Robbo has the same benefit as his predecessor of extremely low expectations, what he can do to not meet them seems just as big a challenge as it proved to be for Kristina Keneally

Ted Baillieu moves up, mainly on health issues, while the biggest move is for Andrew “brinkman” Wilkie, who is sticking to his guns on pokie reform in the face of a whole lot of vested interests, although what the effective difference between supporting Julia Gillard on the floor of parliament, which means not supporting Tony Abbott, and supporting “no one” which also means not supporting Tony Abbott is, we’re not sure.

Jamie Parker sneaks in as the first Lower House Greens MP in NSW, but how he’ll get back in this list ever again in a totally lopsided Legislative Assembly is anyone’s guess. And lastly Rob Oakeshott surprisingly lower, even after his attack on those mean, one-sided talkback comperes. Mean and one-sided? Who’d a thunk it? The issue obviously not getting much coverage, even in the happy medium.

Carbon price still getting plenty of play on talkback, along with a fair smattering of NBN, with Windsor and Oakeshott moving up following the NSW Election and Bob Brown continuing to be a favourite bogey man for many callers.

The sport of kings still gets plenty of coverage in newspapers, although the “best horse in the world” hasn’t quite caused a Phar Lap response from the broadcast media yet.

Peter Fray

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