If I could use one word to describe Jason Chong’s new show, it would be ‘clever’. If I could use another (depending on how you consider a hyphen) it would be arse-cheeks. Somewhere in between these two lies Chong. No, wait…

‘Reel Life’, to be fair, begins with some shaky stand-up material. Chong seemed a bit hesitant with this, but it doesn’t hold things back for too long, as the story soon takes over, which is clearly where his strengths lie.

Performing in front of a screen, Chong interacts with an entirely projected world that defies easy explanation. Other characters (played by himself) and scenery for the story are all parts of the projection, and it’s done with such creativity and timing that you can’t help but get caught up in it.

At one point in the story, Chong was interacting with three different versions of himself onscreen. Talk about Chongplicity. Towards the end the story seemed to unravel a bit, as it went in a direction that technically couldn’t be handled without special effects work from LucasFilms.

Jason Chong’s show will amaze you, and there are some great laughs to be had. There might even be a few gasps of amazement. Either way, you’ll struggle to come across a more original show in the festival.

As a bonus, sit behind a guy with a bald head. That made a show with a projector rather interesting.

Jason Chong in Reel Life plays at the Melbourne Town Hall at 6pm (more or less) until 24th April.


This is an actual clip used in Jason Chong’s show ‘Reel Life’. For a better idea of how the story works  though, you might want to watch the clip below.