Crikey caption competition. So just what was grand prix chief Ron Walker and gambling man James Packer gleefully discussing when they met track-side on Sunday?

We asked Crikey readers to put words into their mouths. Jane Shaw had the best guess (and wins some Crikey goodies) …

Jamie: I got in for free!
Ron: I get in for free EVERY year!
Jamie: So does anyone pay to get in?
Ron: Only the proles. TWICE!
Both: Bwahahahaha.

Front page of the day. Public servants in India were given the day off to watch the life-or-death World Cup semi-final against Pakistan. Thankfully, they won. Mangalore daily Varathabharathi joined in the celebrations …

Magazine of the day. How could you not love that face? Crikey‘s favourite periodical — journal of the Cat Protection Society of NSW — arrived today…

With Rupert at 80, James is headed for New York

“None of James’s temporising, though, could get past the ticking clock of his father’s age. That forced James into News Corp in London, and now, as dad is 80, over to New York.” — The Guardian

100-year-old NY Times: more clowns, park hunting

“Did you catch the article in the New York Times Magazine about the man with a licence to hunt in Central Park? How about the interview with the circus clown who was attacked by a small child? I won’t be surprised if you missed them, as they’re buried a century back in the Times archives. I only found them because every week for the past year, I’ve been reading the magazine from exactly 100 years ago.” — Slate

Google likes Facebook, in social media shake-up

“This morning Google announced a social bombshell, a new service called +1 that competes directly with the Facebook-like button as a signal for determining what content is most relevant to an individual.” — All Facebook

Oprah’s Twitter plea for more viewers

“Oprah Winfrey and her colleagues took to Twitter on Sunday night to promote a new episode of a show on OWN, her new cable channel. Did the posting help her ratings? Probably, but whether it helped in a meaningful way is open to interpretation.” — The New York Times

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