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Mar 28, 2011


Denial: "a psychological defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality". Or, look to outgoing NSW Labor MP and minister Joe Tripodi.

de·ni·al noun \di-ˈnī(-ə)l, dē-\

2 a (1) : refusal to admit the truth or reality (as of a statement or charge) (2) : assertion that an allegation is false b : refusal to acknowledge a person or a thing : disavowal 3 : the opposing by the defendant of an allegation of the opposite party in a lawsuit 4 : self-denial 5 : negation in logic

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10 thoughts on “Symmetry

  1. klewso

    Like lancing a boil – then “watching what comes out”?

  2. Harvey Tarvydas

    Dr Harvey M Tarvydas

    A seriously interesting editorial for what it says and to what it points.
    As per my nick name’s (subtle suggestion) I might be able to add value to your powerful theme.
    It is ‘psychology, psychology, psychology is everything’ and, academically, to your enlightened definitions of ‘denial’ I would add the following…..

    The first definition refers to a simple wilful lie with full awareness of its nature and what the lie means in denying that something happened or something or someone was.

    The second definition very amply refers to a “psychological defence mechanism” far more complex than a simple wilful lie being instead a complex ‘state of mind’ denying that something happened or was where the individuals will is not engaged whether it is one or many individuals suffering this ‘state of mind’ at the same time.
    The mechanism solves unmanageable confrontations for the individual or group between the reality (denied) and perceived threat of danger or unbearable identity crisis by the reality when no other escape is available.

    The first type is ‘solved’ (as far as its existence goes) on discovery of the ‘truth’ by whomever.

    The second type being a state of mind independent to will and intellect of one and all is as solvable or fixable as any other ‘delusion’.
    Not, they don’t ‘fix’ they ‘fade’ when the situation changes.

  3. Harvey Tarvydas

    Dr Harvey M Tarvydas

    Politicians don’t run public services, public servants do.
    The 2000 Olympics (the parts I watched and measured) were a spectacular tribute to the NSW public service.
    Politicians as Government set up the possibility (‘infra-structure’ is the common buzz word) with setting or changing legislation to which the public service (created by Government/politicians) responds depending on how it is managed or guided.

    “…The reality is the way NSW is being described is not supported by the facts. Australia generally and NSW in particular have been run very well.”

    I believe that this is true because once upon a time and recently maybe in patches (like the KK patch that I adore beyond reason) government has been very good.
    But to the Tripodi’s it still does serve as evidence of denial and the delusion referred to above rather than proving the opposite.

  4. sickofitall

    why do we give tripodi anything but a jail sentence?

  5. drmick

    Denial is a river in Egypt and that fat bastard should be found on the river bed after the flood.

    I still cannot shake the vision of this dishonourable member running around the bear pit squealing like a girl when an indie from the North Coast wanted to break his fat neck for not supporting safety signs near schools.

    How did he even get into the Party in the first place?

  6. Bill Williams

    Arguing for a carbon tax and an emissions trading scheme as the best ways to tackle global warming is a classic example of denial…..denial about the real cause of the problem: the global plague of humans.

  7. Niall Clugston

    Well, if you think that falsely accusing the government of murder (of Michael McGurk) isn’t media bias, then you’re in denial.

  8. John Bennetts

    Bill (above).

    A bit off topic, I believe. And coming from a Denier, at that. Fishing for a fight, are we?

  9. Tom McLoughlin

    Tripodi has a point about the ferocious determination of both major newspapers to remove the ALP Govt for the last 2 or 3 years. I would say because of ALP deficits and also their corporate ideology in support of power privitisation despite the profound lessons of Enron and the GFC and the democratic will of the public. In that sense the big media have played a major role in the result. Not the only one.

    Labor’s facility for dishonesty was always a problem.

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