You know something's up when Herald Sun supremo Phil Gardner decides to leave the plush Herald and Weekly Times building to attend a court case for one of his top scribes, and so it was this morning when the pinstriped head honcho popped up to hear Andrew Bolt get assailed over his views on Aboriginality.

Bolt is being sued under the federal Racial Discrimination Act by nine applicants in a class action over four columns he wrote in 2009 that suggested they had been lavished with favours and benefits due their status as self-identifying Aboriginals, despite their apparently white skin.

The columns included "White is the new black", "White Fellas in the black", which questioned the origins of academics Danie Mellor and Mark McMillan and "One of these Woman is Aboriginal", which counterposed a photo of Coomera ALP candidate Leeanne Enoch with Anna Bligh taken during the 2009 Queensland election campaign.