Well, here we all are then. Election eve. This is it. The end of 16 years of Labor rule.

The numbers don’t lie — Keneally and her crew are done for. And if there was any doubt, Poll Bludger writes in Crikey today:

“There remains an assumption that things can’t possibly be as bad for Labor as that, and that a latent sympathy vote awaits to be absorbed by them. I suspect this is a misreading of the public mood. Labor is in fact being run down by a bandwagon effect, with the election looming as a public celebration of the government’s demise — a bit like a Mexican wave at the cricket where only a few curmudgeons in the members’ stand decline to take part.

“As difficult as the polling figures may be to process, history suggests they should be taken at face value. Neither Newspoll nor Galaxy has been more than 2% astray on two-party preferred in an election eve poll since 2007, and there is no persuasive reason to expect different this time.”

But this isn’t a no-brainer. The good citizens of NSW may be ready to vote in their sleep, but there are still a few issues worth mulling over in the poll booth.

Like the upper house. You know, that small matter of who’ll hold the balance of power. The fundamentalists are “salivating at the prospect” that, with a bit of luck, the far-right vote is split fairly evenly among three candidates — in which case they might all get up — in addition to nine (or quite probably 10) from the Coalition, writes Charles Richardson today.

Forget Barry O’Farrell, expect Fred Nile to feature (even more) prominently in your future NSW.

The prospect is enough to make most pencils hover below the line.