In the first Laugh Track podcast, Matt Smith talks to Cal Wilson about her upcoming show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, ‘The Great Intender’.

Podcast link: A Talk with Cal Wilson

Your show this year is called ‘The Great Intender’. Tell me a bit about it.
The weird thing with doing a show about procrastination, is that it makes me not procrastinate. I can’t risk people coming to the show saying I haven’t prepared, so I’m my own self help group in a way!

Give me an example of how you procrastinate.
I got married 3 years ago, and I still have a box full of thank you cards that I haven’t sent. I pulled them out during a trial show and a woman in the front row recoiled in horror! They’re written in, some have addresses on them. Some people I see regularly, some have moved, some I don’t talk to any more. I was so ashamed that as soon as my son was born I got the thank you cards out pretty much while he still had the chord attached to him.

Does procrastinating work with being a wife and mother?
It’s terrible! My son was three weeks late, so he’s a bit of a procrastinator as well. It’s one of those things that you can’t say ‘I’ll get those sharp scissors off you in a minute, little child’. It’s not a good combination!

Cal’s show ‘The Great Intender’:
8:30pm Vic’s Bar, Victoria Hotel, Melbourne. 31st March – 24th April (Tues to Sunday nights).