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Mar 24, 2011

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60 thoughts on “Use your words…

  1. paddy

    Really FD….This addiction to t-shirt zingers has got to stop!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. rhwombat

    Now that’s a T-shirt! …..but MOM ?

  3. Andrew Ballem

    Brilliant, Mr OnTheMoon: I knew you’d come up with the goods on this one! Wombat: that was an actual sign at the rally, mom and all!

  4. michael matusik

    “I WANT MINE” is missing

  5. wyane

    “The flames on this placard took me hours and my tongue dried out”

  6. shitesherlock

    FD, I love and dread you (and your toons). Love because, well, THIS cartoon says it all. Dread because my shirt budget can’t cope. That’s 30, THIRTY, potential shirts. Dammit. Janette. *sob*

  7. drmick

    Nice job FD

    Mr Rabbit thought he was Jesus and took 12 of his non card carrying apostles with him to his last supper. They looked like they has stepped in a Bernardi.
    I don’t know which one was Judas but they all looked guilty.

    Did anyone notice the Liberal Party deputy of choice wasn’t there?

  8. Holden Back

    Like finding money in the street, huh?

    DrMick – Only one Bishop to each bash.

  9. mickhs

    Gold! T-shirt please.

  10. leone

    FD. Brilliant, but I’d like it even more if you could forget your obviously top-notch education and, in the interests of realism, misplace the odd apostrophe. Like – ‘Ban the slut’s’.

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