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Mar 24, 2011



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60 thoughts on “Use your words…

  1. Bellistner

    I need three of these in poster size!

  2. Venise Alstergren

    DRMICK: And a fine and wholesome duo you make: which twin is the Undertaker?

  3. Elan

    Now that’s just silly SPAY!

    There will always be room for you,-and you’ll just love the bed and board you get for quite sometime here- that’s if you make it here intact. Your new chums will give you the warmest of welcomes I feel quite sure, -while you wait until ASIO decides if you are worth it.

    Enjoy the journey back.

    During this R&R, your fan club can hit the tabloids and the internet, and hint that you are the lowest form of human life.

    Finally they will be correct.

  4. sprayalot

    @ ELAN. I’d consider it, but all the boats are full and going in the wrong direction!

  5. Elan

    That’s brilliant SPAY!!!;-so why don’t you ?

  6. sprayalot

    Some very tame protests Firstdog….What about the important ones like…”Piss off, we’re full”!!!

  7. drmick

    The tall chap on the left of shot is one my sons.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    CHRIS J: Visually, I know where you come from. Back end of a ……….But what an interesting story. Most interesting.

    Did I see Barnaby? Ye gods I didn’t! That man is the human equivilent (sic) of a mouthful of aniseed. Y U K! Shudder, shudder!!

  9. gypsylee

    this is gold! thank you!

  10. Chris Johnson

    Venise – here’s a snapshot of Bea, a wonderful Sydney identity/eccentric http://bit.ly/fhMNEB
    With due respect to Bea I couldn’t help but see some striking similaraties !

  11. Chris Johnson

    Venise I do kiddest you! But had they been at this week’s batty rally neither would have been out of place! Did you see Barnaby in the tennis shade doing his ‘Son of Bea Miles’ impersonation?

  12. fractious

    Top work as usual FD, the only one missing is “IS THIS THE QUEUE FOR THE TOILET?”

  13. Venise Alstergren

    CHRIS J: Thou kiddest me? No?

    DRMICK: Which twin is wearing the hat?

  14. Chris Johnson

    Did everyone miss the “Free Clarrie O’Shea” and “Which Way to The Dismissal” placards? Bummer.

  15. drmick


    Bestiality is just acting the goat, horsing around and sporting a sheepish grin, but dogging it? I think I will have to go cold turkey on that one.

  16. Ern Malleys cat

    RW: presumably the seven are for brolga chicks, emu chicks, penguin chicks, kookaburra chicks, magpie chicks, cassowary chicks and fat chicks.

  17. Racist Wallaby

    Bugger! I could’ve used about seven of those “Chicks Shit Me” shirts.

  18. Brizben

    I like Cheese

  19. Innocent Until

    First Dog – I have subscribed to Crikey because I think your cartoons are almost the only silly-in-a-nice-kind-of-way political commentary available in Australia any more.
    Seems you are all things to all people. (Apologies to D & M 🙂 )

  20. Mike Jones

    Douglas and Milko,

    google gravatar, follow the instructions upload a pic, maybe trim it up a bit, save it against an Email address, give them a few moments to do magic stuff, and next time you post (in lots of blogs) your pic appears. Bingo.

  21. Douglas and Milko

    First Dog – I have subscribed to Crikey because I think your cartoons are almost the only sensible political commentary available in Australia anymore. I actually don’t have time to read all the other stuff – although of course I do. Enjoyed the cartoon, as usual, but am also testing out what happens when I leave a comment. Also, I could not find anyway to upload a cute picture to my profile. Any suggestions from the dogonaughts much appreciated.

  22. paddy

    I just got off the phone with a furtive, female, dogonaught.
    She was hoping for a T-shirt saying “I’m one of Bob Brown’s Bitches.”
    (She was *most* insistent about the apostrophe.)

  23. Andrew L

    Note I had the good taste to say “witches” and not a word that rhymes…

  24. Andrew L

    The image of Rabbott on the stage sporting his deaths head grin (a la Jack Nicholson) flanked by Bronhorrible Bishop and Sophorrible Mirabella was like a black gothic version of The Witches of Eastwick…

  25. Mike Jones

    Doggy, is it true that the “Black Label” editions of your T-shirt work are tattooed by you personally right into the true Doggonauts’ chesty areas ?

    And is it also true that Eric Beecher has ,b> First International Doggy Bank notes tattooed all over his torso ?

    One of the lads down at the Pig’s Arms was speculating that we’ll soon see First Dog postage stamps. Bags not licking your backside. Sniffing is as far as I’m prepared to go 🙂

  26. nicolino

    How about” The meek shall inherit the earth;all six feet of it”

  27. Jenny

    How about a t-shirt cartoon sign thingy that says “use your words” ??

  28. Holden Back

    Lordy, that Redbubble secure site is slow.

    Prepare to nude up and roll around in money with Eric Beecher, Mr Dog.

  29. Pete

    I want the ones you wouldn’t put on a shirt: Nigger and Sluts, obviously. I may just have to settle for using them as avatars.

  30. Matt Hardin

    Where do I bookmark to see when the other shirts might be there, please? I really like “The list of things…” and “I always feel angry…”

  31. Ern Malleys cat

    Looking at these again, and at the people who were there yesterday, makes me sad.
    They really are frightened and confused. They make out that they’re strong and act aggressively, but are just being manipulated by bullies who are too gutless to do it.
    Much like the rat-faced boy who got suplexed. And the big lad who did him.
    And Alan Jones flies off to watch his horses race in Hong Kong.

  32. drmick

    Didn’t they see the irony of having real witches on stage, (The ugly sisters Bishop and Mirabella), and having a burn the witch poster behind them?
    Which witch is which and which one should we burn first.
    The Libs need a new broom?

  33. Venise Alstergren

    DRMICK: Now you mention it, who is the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party? Not the woman with the death stare? Well, she is so vertically challenged she wouldn’t have been noticed anyway. Not unless the twin tunnels come out like a periscope. Padong!! She is a bish too far.

  34. ParnassusMD

    No really – she is hot! She lives in Perth & has been bitching about all the hot weather!

  35. ParnassusMD

    My Mom is Hot!

  36. Innocent Until

    My Parents Went to the Carbon Tax Demonstration and All They Brought Back Was This Miserable T-shirt.

  37. Innocent Until

    Apo’strophe’s rule, OK?

  38. Venise Alstergren

    Frame 10:- You look like a biscuit!

  39. savemejeebus

    Where is “I Shaved My Balls For This?”

  40. Firstdog

    Hi Team, one of these has been made into a t-shirt already.


    I will make others as requested. Except Chicks Shit Me and a couple of the others. Ahem. Some of them taken out of context may be taken out of context.

  41. Andrew L

    EMC: You may be right there. I am left-handed (we prefer to say “proper-handed”) and I am a sinister bastard fo sho.

    FD’s use of left-handedness may be deliberate. I may be wrong but I think Rabbott is left-handed…

  42. Stevo the Working Twistie

    I reckon a “Chicks Shit Me” t-shirt could get me laid, in a post-ironic sort of way.

  43. Sandshoe

    ERN MALLEY’S CAT: You will provoke lefties, so typical. I’ll hand it you. Pointing out the disabled. 😳

  44. leone

    Holden, I really like that, but judging by the spelling seen on placards at a certain recent rally I think your spelling of ‘misogynist’ need a little tinkering.

    Mzogenust? Mysoginast? It looks like I could be coming up with some lovely new ideas for kiddy names. Myhkhaylah is so old-fashioned now.

  45. Mike Jones

    Every winner a post. What’s left to say ?

    Holden to DRMICK – “Only one Bishop to each Bash”. Killer comment !

    Michael M – companion sign …… “I want theirs too !”

  46. Crispy

    This one actually made me cry, Mr Dog. Are cartoonies meant to do that? ‘I have cancer but I don’t know yet.’ Sums up the planet in eight words.

  47. thepublicgood

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if we could get individual panels from this as posters to put up @ work.

    I really feel people approaching my work area need to be warned that I always feel angry.

    And it is Exhausting.

  48. Ern Malleys cat

    There’s an inordinate number of left-handers in that crowd.
    I don’t like em. Sinister bastards.

  49. Holden Back

    Leone, wouldn’t you rather: You’re misogynist sign offend’s me

  50. leone

    FD. Brilliant, but I’d like it even more if you could forget your obviously top-notch education and, in the interests of realism, misplace the odd apostrophe. Like – ‘Ban the slut’s’.

  51. mickhs

    Gold! T-shirt please.

  52. Holden Back

    Like finding money in the street, huh?

    DrMick – Only one Bishop to each bash.

  53. drmick

    Nice job FD

    Mr Rabbit thought he was Jesus and took 12 of his non card carrying apostles with him to his last supper. They looked like they has stepped in a Bernardi.
    I don’t know which one was Judas but they all looked guilty.

    Did anyone notice the Liberal Party deputy of choice wasn’t there?

  54. shitesherlock

    FD, I love and dread you (and your toons). Love because, well, THIS cartoon says it all. Dread because my shirt budget can’t cope. That’s 30, THIRTY, potential shirts. Dammit. Janette. *sob*

  55. wyane

    “The flames on this placard took me hours and my tongue dried out”

  56. michael matusik

    “I WANT MINE” is missing

  57. Andrew Ballem

    Brilliant, Mr OnTheMoon: I knew you’d come up with the goods on this one! Wombat: that was an actual sign at the rally, mom and all!

  58. rhwombat

    Now that’s a T-shirt! …..but MOM ?

  59. paddy

    Really FD….This addiction to t-shirt zingers has got to stop!!! 😀 😀 😀

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