New South Wales

Mar 23, 2011

Essential: NSW getting worse for Labor, is Robertson gone?

NSW voters are waiting for Labor with something a lot bigger than a baseball bat, according to Essential's final poll. The party is set for a truly shocking performance in Sydney, where it is on just 20% primary vote.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

NSW Labor has continued to slip further behind the Coalition in the final Essential Research poll before Saturday’s State election.


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6 thoughts on “Essential: NSW getting worse for Labor, is Robertson gone?

  1. dgh1


    Do you think this is credible? There is something awe-inspiring, if frightening from the point of view of having an accountable government if it were to come to pass, in contemplating such a result.

  2. David

    Polls polls and more polls, when will we be rid of them? Repetitive, nothing new, just more of the same. Haven’t had a punt on how many seats Labor end up with have you Bernardo? Crikey spends more time on the NSW election than the Daily Telegraph and the SMH combined.

  3. Jenny Haines

    As a Labor Party member more or less continuously since 1975, I would like to take this moment to thank the so called geniuses and tacticians of the party that have brought us to this point. Well done (NOT!) This would have to be one of the lowest ebbs in the party’s history and it takes a special kind of person to get us to this point. The Labor Party has been through ebbs and flows before but this one is going to take a long time to recover from and it is going to need a lot of hard work. Is there anyone left who is willing to do the hard work to rebuild the party or is this the end for the Labor Party in NSW? Maybe there is a long cycle in politics where parties just run out of puff in a changed world.
    I can’t believe that John Robertson will lose in Blacktown. There may be some problems there with him being imposed by Head Office from outside but I have been out to Blacktown recently to do agency work in nursing and John seems to me to be the only man in town politcally speaking.

  4. John james

    You could not live in Sydney, and be asking the questions posted above.
    One need only recall the collective ‘groan’ that went up in Sydney when, with straight face, Julia Gillard, Kristina Keneally and Anthony Albanese, announced the Epping-Parramatta Rail link during the recent federal Election campaign, yea, you know, the one when Julia also said…well, I do not want to rub salt in the collective wounds of long suffering Sydney-siders.
    Labor are a ‘busted-arse’ outfit, nationally, but especially in NSW.
    Can Robertson lose Blacktown?
    Can that wonderful Union guy, who shafted Morris Iemma, and cost the state 15 billion dollars, lose Blacktown, quintessential Western Sydney?
    Is the Pope Catholic?
    You bet your sorry Labor arse he can, and should.

  5. Had Enough

    The ALP will parachute in some heavy hitters to save Robertson. Perhaps Bob Hawke, Kevin Rudd. The rest maybe poison.

  6. marce

    Bad poll numbers in Sydney are not a ‘corollary’ of good regional numbers. One doesn’t actually follow necessarily as a consequence of the other.

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