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Mar 23, 2011

The holy trinity of Hawke/Keating/Howard

Did the holy trinity of Hawke/Keating/Howard do it differently?

The chairman of BlueScope Steel and member of the Reserve Bank of Australia board, Grahame Kraehe, addressing the Press Club yesterday:


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3 thoughts on “The holy trinity of Hawke/Keating/Howard

  1. drmick

    These are the same liars that went on about the mining tax. They need to be treated with exactly the same grace and charm that they treat government with when the corporation is making plans; How much consultation is there with Government then?

    Do they think we are all like the rat bag ralliers and have memories like goldfish?
    F**k them and all their friends. I have heard enough bullshit to cover the cost of shutting down 2 coal mines and a steelworks and turning it into a carbon tax profit on not being properly consulted.
    “We will take our money overseas”. Take it and piss off, you can leave our coal in the ground as well. Go and try your crap in Libya or Zimbabwe and see how far you get.

  2. Gavin Moodie

    Strong feelings DrMick, with which I agree.

    I don’t see why business should be ‘consulted’ on the carbon tax any more than the rest of us.

  3. Barbara Boyle

    I listened very carefully to the business objections and gained the impression that here were people who were disappointed the Government was not falling in to line at their command. Not clear to me why these polluters are held in such reverence by some.

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