2011 really is the year where digital is impacting on the television in a big way. Traditional TV companies are exploring the online space, while reacting to the changes that online mean for them, while new media companies are making their presence known by launching products and services that are now in direct competition with the guards of old.

This week on Televised Revolution, we explore a number of stories that relate to this. Up for discussion:

  • Dan Ilic drops by to talk about the return of Hungry Beast (Wed at 9:30pm on ABC1), the most Internet-friendly show on television.
  • Netflix announce their move into original scripted programing.
  • Graham Kennedys crown is up for auction.
  • The analog signal is shut off in Regional Victoria within 50 days.
  • SBS’ COO believes the Aus TV industry needs to embrace a Hulu revolution.
  • And much, much more.

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