Guardian v WikiLeaks. Guardian writer David Leigh -- point man on that paper’s increasingly furious triple backflip on Julian Assange -- added another achievement to his illustrious career when he created his own Twitter meme overnight. Debating whistleblowing via Twitter, the unctuous Leigh (@davidleigh3) produced a tweet remarkable even by social media’s self-obsessed standards, declaring "I like to think that if someone like #bradleymanning had first dealt with me at the #guardian, he wouldn't now be in jail". So there you have it, if only Manning had given the material straight to Grauniad rather than the evil WikiLeaks, he’d still be breathing the air that free men breathe rather than standing n-ked in a cell while Barack Obama insists there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on and sacks his State Department spokesman for saying otherwise. But while Niall Ferguson was making way for a new player in the counter-factual history field, Twitter was alive with its own version of Leigh’s tweet, started by several Irish tweeters:
@skdadl I like to think that if @davidleigh3 had been at Versailles in 1789, there would have been cake for everyone.
@dexter_doggie: I like to think that if @davidleigh3 had been on the Titanic, he'd have melted that iceberg with his blazing hotness
@evanwdempsey I like to think that if @davidleigh3 was in Battlestar Galactica the Cylons would never have destroyed the colonies
@skdadl I like to think that if @davidleigh3 had been there on the 1st Ides of March, Caesar would have promised a renewed republic.
@x7o Marry, I warrant had he been there, the crown were proffered a fourth time, and Caesar had ta'en it.
Leigh’s response was interesting:
I see the kids are quite sensitive about the way #bradleymanning got arrested (it was thanks to his trust in #Wikileaks donor Adrian Lamo)
Interesting not so much for his patronising of "the kids" but for the fact that Leigh appeared to be trying to link Manning’s arrest to WikiLeaks. And it was Adrian Lamo who did the same thing in his recent interview with Al Jazeera, in which the clearly well-medicated former hacker claimed Manning had been "led on" by Assange. That’s a crucial claim that could see Assange indicted for the capital-offence Espionage Act, but denied by Assange and, for that matter, US military sources. Triple backflip with pike? -- Bernard Keane Scary nuclear graph on Nine News a hoax? Last night's 6pm Nine News in Melbourne carried the background graphic of -- what viewers could have judged to be -- a potential radiation fall out "cloud" that stretched from Japan to the west coast of the US.

But where did Nine get this graph? It wasn't from this image that was doing the rounds on Twitter over the weekend was it? An image that carried the logo of Australian Radiation Services: