Japan, nuclear power, fear and misinformation

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3 thoughts on “Japan, nuclear power, fear and misinformation

  1. Stevo the Working Twistie

    @Ahley Craig – that’s a lovely story, and very interesting reading, but it was published over six years ago, and as of today the Chinese plant is STILL the only one operating in the whole wide world. Not very impressive, but I guess one working prototype puts it a step ahead of “clean coal” and sequestration.

  2. Niall Clugston

    I laughed to learn I was a super-pedant but usually had common sense.

    I probably should have made clear my comment was in fact about Ben Sandilands’ piece, particularly his point that “the calamities unfolding at the nuclear plants will not kill anything like the 10,000 or perhaps far more people now officially believed to have died in the massive tsunami”.

    I wasn’t calling for more coverage of the disaster, but for the nuclear risk to be kept in proportion.

  3. Guy Rundle

    You’ve missed the basic point Andrew – the argument isnt about whether such groups supported the revolution or not. They did. The argument is as to what form the support took. None of your analogies work, even slightly

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