New South Wales

Mar 14, 2011

So long, good riddance: the dubious legacy of NSW ministers

When the moon spins into its last quarter on March 26, members of the NSW Cabinet will say goodbye to taxpayers -- and to the pretty sight of their ministerial offices and parliamentary bonuses we fund.

“So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodnight. Adieu, adieu. To you and you and you…”


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21 thoughts on “So long, good riddance: the dubious legacy of NSW ministers

  1. Pdaddy

    Hell has no fury as a spin doctor scorned.

  2. Mobius Ecko

    Soon all to be replaced by a another bunch of pinquid creatures under a different name, but no more reprehensible and in the long run as incompetent as they overly gorge on tax payer’s milk from the public teat, watching it overflow down their double chins and into the drains with the rest of the public largess they waste.

  3. leone

    Soon to be replaced by the world’s most boring man as premier and a pack of gormless newbies and recycled geriatrics from 16 years ago who will, no doubt, try to escape all responsibility for their mistakes and errors of judgement by blaming everything on the past Labor government for the next umpteen years.

    Some old proverb says that the more things change the more they stay the same, but that’s wrong. Fatty O’Barrell is about to prove that the more things change the worse they get.

  4. arnold ziffel

    This is journalism?
    Heard Barrell trying to say a number this morning – three goes, couldn’t get it out, even with the assistance of his apparently dementing shadow minister.
    It’s not going to get better anytime soon.

  5. JM

    Absolutely dreadful piece Crikey. Is this Dennis Shanahgan in drag?

    I didn’t know Crikey took paid political ads. Shouldn’t this have an authorisation from Liberal Spin Central?

    Baz has no policies. He is the Naked Premier with a couple of Shallow Ministers who yap on command and who seldom leave their cosy North Shore environments. Yes, Gladys knows a lot about congestion at Wahroonga and Chatswood, yes indeed.

    Go to the campaign website and read all the rhetoric and vague motherhood statements, the kind of stuff that can then be denied once a government is in. Baz learnt well from his predecessors, notably Nick “User Pays” Greiner. Watch the sudden “discovery” of “black holes”. Watch the subsequent privatisation push.

    Watch the resulting cuts in frontline public services. Watch the railway stations close down. Watch the bus routes handed back to an unaccountable private sector, all in the name of “balancing the budget” or whatever excuse they have this time.

    Don’t believe for a moment you will get better government from this lot. All you will have is the sight of a nervous Baz looking over one shoulder at the ambitious Mike Baird and over his other shoulder at the restive far right of his party, just waiting to join up with the god-botherers and shooters and pounce.

    Should however make for intriguing copy for the usual lazy journalistic suspects.

  6. Sean

    Ditto, pdaddy — the scales must have fallen off the eyes pretty quickly working with that motley bunch, being asked to tirelessly spin every corrupt big business-favouring decision (complete with kickbacks) into an announcement to the public that represented it as being in their best interest. That would take its toll.

  7. Mike Jones

    Look, it’s such a tough choice, isn’t it ?

    Corrupt and incompetent versus not-yet-practicing corruption but still incompetent.

  8. [email protected]

    The elections are, in Kenally’s words, a Sophie’s choice. What a wonderful political climate we find ourselves.

  9. freecountry

    [(John) Robertson’s achievements? Virtually nothing.]
    I dunno, Paul Keating wrote a glowing reference for John Robertson. The man’s achievements fairly leap off the page.
    [Your manipulation of the union base in New South Wales with the connivance and support of the Party President, Bernie Riordan, succeeded in destroying the political life of both (Morris Iemma and Michael Costa), and with them, probably the life of the Labor Government in New South Wales itself … if the Government goes down, the lethal tally of men and women who will have lost their lost seats will be to your account and that of the Party officers who were complicit in the melee; namely Riordan, Bitar and Foley.
    But Riordan, Bitar and Foley have not accommodated themselves with a Parliamentary seat at the public expense; you have. And a seat previously occupied by the person you had disparaged and targeted.

    Now I understand, you are thinking about a transition to the Legislative Assembly from the comfort stop you are currently occupying. And that that transition, in the medium term, is about the Party leadership and the Premiership.]
    Quite an impressive letter of reference for an outstanding achiever, I would have thought.
    (( ))

  10. marce

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the “Civil Liberties’ Act”. It’s the “Civil Liability Act”. Quite a different meaning, I’m sure you’ll agree. Even if it were “liberties”, what on EARTH does that apostrophe think it is doing there?

    Also, this piece reads like it’s from the NSW version of the Burn Book from Mean Girls.

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