Boeing graphic: The Air China 748-I

As we were quick to suggest on roll out day, the red ‘sunrise’ livery on the first of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinentals was a vivid indication of where Boeing saw it winning more orders for the last passenger version of the Queen of the Skies.

An order for five of the jets for Air China, the senior flag carrier of the Peoples Republic of China, was announced today subject to government approval.

Air China uses a predominantly blue and white livery, so below is the red first jet again, just after the curtain dropped on February 13. It is due to fly ‘soon.’ The orders for the passenger version of the 748 now stand at Lufthansa, 20, Korean Airlines, 5, Air China, 5, and the clients of Boeing Business Jet, 8, which will be individually outfitted for corporate or government customers.

Boeing image: The first 747-8 Intercontinental revealed

(Memo Julia. You detest that itsy bitsy 737 BBJ don’t you? How about one of these?)