Mar 9, 2011

Climate change cage match: Abbott debates Abbott

Tony Abbott goes mano-a-mano on climate change and a carbon price with his toughest opponent yet -- Tony Abbott. Let's look back on all the times Abbott has spoken about climate change.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

As the Gillard government’s plan for a carbon prices sends Coalition stocks soaring, attention is increasingly focusing on what opposition leader Tony Abbott believes in about climate change and how to deal with it. Today in Crikey, Tony Abbott debates one of his most formidable opponents on the issue — Tony Abbott.


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56 thoughts on “Climate change cage match: Abbott debates Abbott

  1. Jimmy

    And it is Gillard who is the Liar.

  2. rossco

    Ah, but we need to know which of these statements were in writing and which were just oral. We know from Abbott’s own admissions we should only believe his written words, the rest are just off the top of his head and may or may not be true.

  3. Jimmy

    Rossco, That is exactly what I find so galling about this whole thing, Abbott admit’s he lies when it suits and is held up to be a example of honesty in politics, Gillard changes from having an ETS to a Carbon tax becoming an ETS due to there being a hung parliament and is damned as a liar.

    Are we through the looking glass here?

  4. denise allen

    Abbott is just a scaremonger…he can say what he likes without anyone challenging him on his policy…the facts behind it and its costs…its about time some journo stood up and began asking questions of him…

  5. Dawn Baker

    Hoisted by his own petard, or is he speaking with a forked tongue? Thanks Bernard!

  6. Jimmy

    Denise – Jon Faine called him on his “going it alone” comments this morning which lead to Abbott blustering Abbott China commissioning 2 new coal power plants every month (apparently this is going to go on forever) but Faine didn’t seem to contiue to press.

    I agree though he doesn’t get held up to enough scrutiny.

  7. shepherdmarilyn

    I can’t work out if he is advocating for more pollution and not one dimwitted journo asks that simple question.

    That should put the cat among the pigeons I would think.

  8. snoodie

    Most news comments discuss whether a politician lied. The BIG issue is increasingly felt climate change and the best way to tackle it. A transition to an ETS will ensure businesses can reliably innovate and invest in cleaner energy sources through an efficient market mechanism. There’s no point lying to future generations that we did everything we could to leave them a better world – the Coalition under “NO” Abbott are stuck in the 50’s. We must act, PM Gillard is showing leadership and putting the nation before politics and polls.

  9. paddy

    Well done Bernard & Nikki. Loved the true irony of your piece today.
    Tony Abbott only grants interviews to……..Tony Abbott. 🙂
    (Or at least a simpering pale copy of himself.)
    He never quite recovered from the shock of Red Kezza actually asking questions about policy.

  10. Altakoi

    Maybe Tony thinks be should be able to speak Ex Cathedra and we can ignore all the other bits.

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