Yesterday, Channel Ten news presenter Ron Wilson seemed to suggest he thought Sydney’s gay and lesbian Mardi Gras was “disgusting”. Today, Wilson appeared to back the gay marriage campaign. Whatever happened to impartiality in reading the news?

Anyway, the gay community was pretty upset yesterday after Wilson injected his own commentary into an interview with Mardi Gras co-chair Peter Urmson. “Some of the spectacles you’re seeing I’m assuming would even make you cringe,” he posed. “It becomes an exploitation almost of a sexual image rather than trying to explore the diversity of lifestyle.” Urmson’s defense of his “colourful” community was shot down with: “There’s a difference between colourful and disgusting.”

On this morning’s news bulletin, Wilson issued a “clarification”. He could have chosen his words “a little better”, he confessed. What’s more: “I fully support the gay community and its campaign to promote the issue of gay marriage and I do congratulate the gay and lesbian community on the success of this year’s event. Please take that with sincerity.”

We do, Ron. But apologising with another apparent opinion hardly rescues your credibility as a journalist.