Undiplomatic response on Rudd visit. Which senior Australian diplomat was heard slamming Kevin Rudd during his speech at a recent function, describing his own personal “misfortune” of not only having to deal with the foreign minister twice in the previous few days, but that he’d have to suffer even more when Rudd was back in the Middle East twice more in the coming couple of days? And then apologised for his colleague’s absence because said colleague was dealing with the “Rudd onslaught”?

Yanky bikini babes get Oz tax dollars? Screen NSW funded script development for a project called Bikini Bandits Downunder. This is an American franchise; Screen NSW obviously checked out its previous films and loved them. The people who made that decision are still there and with no transparency to the public have made the Great Gatsby blunder by giving Baz $20 million without any accountability or justification to the tax-paying public.

Clarkson’s heartfelt doctor meeting. Top Gear‘s Jeremy Clarkson gave a highly entertaining performance last week at the Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast, where he repeatedly gatecrashed a group of surprised and delighted Gold Coast doctors attending a cardiology meeting.