The Birds II: newsreaders in flight path. First it was Channel Nine’s Melbourne news presenter Peter Hitchener attacked by a rogue seagull during a bulletin last year. Last night Sydney news man Peter Overton came under surprise attack — from a crow, we think. (Thanks, Dan Ginnane.)

NT News watch #875: We want to lay off the NT News, really we do. But they just keep taking their croc-love to all new levels…

Sparked by Crikey, the newspaper audit investigation continues…

“High on the agenda is a review and ongoing enhancement of the ABC’s Rules and Guidelines governing the definitions and reporting of Average Net Paid Sales.” — ABC Update

With the Mid-East in turmoil, China now tracking foreign journos

“Western journalists have lately been tolerated in China, if grudgingly, but the spread of revolution in the Middle East has prompted the authorities here to adopt a more familiar tack: suddenly, foreign reporters are being tracked and detained in the same manner — though hardly as roughly — as political dissidents.” — The New York Times

News junkies care more about the community: study

“People who regularly follow the news are more likely to be involved in their communities and feel they make a difference, according to a study released by three nonprofits this week.” — The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Why The Financial Times is winning online and in print

“…The Financial Times, the London-based business newspaper, has had considerable success at both of late, in part because it requires regular readers of its Web site to pay.” — The New York Times

Tina Brown’s slick vision for the news magazine

“It’s slick, contemporary and feels like something out of the new millennium — sort of New York mag meets GQ, and pretty distinct from Time, with big photo spreads, graphics that pop and draw you into the page, lots of entry points into a story, infographics, sidebars, etc.” — Yahoo! News

#twitdefo: Love’s hate a costly Twitter mistake

“The singer has agreed to pay Dawn Simorangkir $US430,000 ($424,565), plus interest, to settle a lawsuit the designer filed in March 2009 over comments Love made on Twitter and her MySpace blog.” — The Sydney Morning Herald