Always keen to advertise how downloading of content is a serious crime, the copyright industry got some great free publicity in the Sunday papers when Fairfax covered a report claiming that downloading music, movies and software was costing us $900 million a year. According to the report -- or, at least, the article about the report -- that cost would rise to over $5 billion in 2016 and there were "8000 fewer jobs in the core content industries last year" because of downloading.

The advertising came complete with a case study of one, now suitably remorseful,  "pirate", James Burt, and the suggestion that "it seems we're all James Burt now". The one problem with that was that Burt was convicted of uploading a pre-release copy of a new game, not downloading anything, but as we know from NBN media coverage the whole upload/download difference is a problem for some.