An exclusive interview with James Packer? Or not? Here’s a press release by The CEO Magazine titled “The CEO Magazine Exclusive Interview With James Packer”. We can’t tell if they have an exclusive interview with James Packer or not…

Bean Media, publishers of the influential business publication, The CEO Magazine, have today refused to confirm reports that The CEO Magazine will be conducting an exclusive interview with Australian businessman, James Packer.

The CEO Magazine is Australia’s leading business magazine focused directly at high-level executives in Australian companies.

The CEO Magazine is a bi-monthly title that provides its readers with a wealth of articles discussing business strategy, expert opinion, analysis, corporate case studies, emerging trends, leadership, growth opportunities and challenges facing our country’s leading business leaders. The CEO Magazine explores how Australian businesses can improve the way they manage their operations, staff, technology and supply chains with a view to creating a more profitable and successful business.

Whilst The CEO Magazine is extremely meticulous in selection for interviews within the title, rumours of a one-on-one interview with James Packer have surfaced this week.

“Due to the high profile nature of The CEO Magazine, it is impossible for us to confirm who will be included in upcoming magazines until publication date. Content is kept strictly between the publisher and any leading senior executive that have been chosen for selection”, said a spokesperson for publisher, Bean Media Group.

The next issue of The CEO Magazine is due out next month.

Story of the week. Northern Territory News produced a jaffa this morning about the talking cat who was abducted by aliens…

A lesson in headline writing #78. NY Post, we’re not worthy…

How to conduct an interview, Fox style… As Wonkette notes, “This is not how a Fox interview is supposed to be conducted! You are supposed to just let them slip in stuff like this as if it’s fact!”:

Jeremy Hunt gives News Corp green light to launch £8bn bid for BSkyB.

“Jeremy Hunt, the UK culture secretary, has given the green light for News Corporation to prepare an £8bn bid for the 61% of BSkyB it does not already own , setting up a showdown with investors in the satellite broadcaster who are determined to seek a deal worth at least £1bn more.” — The Guardian

How the John Edwards affair ended pp in the Enquirer.

“Ever wonder exactly who “the friend” is dishing the dirt on celebrities? Well, in the case of the Rielle Hunter-John Edwards scandal, we know exactly who it was: the memorably-named Pigeon O’Brien. And now, she’s explaining why, exactly, she went to the Enquirer, broke their affair, and effectively ended his political career.” — Jezebel

Charlie Sheen sets New Guinness world record for Twitter.

“Charlie Sheen may or may not be “winning,” in life, but he has won a rare honor: the “Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers” Guinness World Record.” — Mashable

Report: Nearly three-quarters of news journalists on national newspapers are men.

“A new report commissioned by the campaigning group Women in Journalism claims 74% of news journalists on national newspapers are men, whilst women make up just one third of journalists covering business and politics and just 3% of sports journalists are women.” — Jon Slattery

Why did China block and then unblock LinkedIn?

“China’s internet censorship policy, known as China’s great firewall (GFW) played an important role in the headlines last week due to the fact that GFW blocked and then, a couple of days later, unblocked business social network LinkedIn.” — Social Times

Why the iPad won’t suffer the same fate as the Mac.

“If you’re an Apple fanatic, you know this song by heart. Apple gets out ahead with a breakthrough product, like the Mac. And then it loses its dominance as competitors knock off its software and distribute it to a pack of fast-moving hardware specialists. It happened in personal computers twenty years ago, something eerily similar is happening right now with smart phones. Will it happen in the tablet market?” — Forbes

White powder scare in the US at ABC News.

“A suspicious pile of white powder discovered on a desk at ABC News in New York turned out to be instant soup left on the desk by an overnight employee.” — Mediabistro

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