Doctors wait for pay in NSW. Visiting specialists at NSW public hospitals have not been paid for any work done since the end of November 2010. There has been no official communication about this, although rumour suggests everything from computer problems to ministerial direction as a cause. Is it any wonder morale is so bad in the public hospital system, when we can’t even get paid for work we did three months ago? The system is running entirely on goodwill, which is fast running out. The area health service just says it’s not their problem, it’s the Department of Health. Either way, I’m finding it hard to pay my bills because the hospital won’t pay me.

Fear of riots in China. A colleague currently on secondment in Beijing informs me that fear of a North African-style revolt is resulting in higher security and surveillance: internet radio is unavailable, phone calls are being monitored, and some Western journos were beaten up in Tiananmen Square.

Live from Tehran (at 3pm AEST yesterday): While walking through one of the squares yesterday, riot police were out in force in preparation for a demonstration in support of Opposition Leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi. A few people were handing out flyers, but most passersby didn’t take them. When I passed through the area five or six hours later, either the demonstration was over or had never begun — I didn’t hang around earlier in the day to see how things developed.

The Fisters Party? Antony Green has written a brilliant paper on the forthcoming NSW election for the parliamentary library. However, if you look at the “party codes” matrix on page 6 of the PDF (page 2 of the paper), you will find possibly the world’s greatest typo in the description of the Shooters Party …

Peter Fray

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