Today, Crikey kicks off a new series we like to call Climate Change: The Long View.

Haven’t we done this? Well, yes. Aren’t we beyond it? Seems not.

This is an attempt at stepping back from question time-type arguments over who’s lying, who’s taxing what, and who’s doing the Hokey Pokey. In order to lift the level of debate above, say, doing the Time Warp (again), the series will examine how government, industry, politics, public sentiment, the media and, most importantly, science is tracking on climate change and the issues surrounding it.

In conjunction with our coverage, Crikey will run a series of extracts from the Australian Academy of Science’s peer reviewed publication The Science of Climate Change – Questions and Answers. Published in August 2010, the document was distributed to schools, local government and every member of Parliament in an attempt to “contribute to the public understanding of the state of the science and to attempt to tread a path through the often contradictory public commentary on the science”.

Pay attention. There will be a test.

So let’s stand back and reassess all the angles on what former prime minister Kevin Rudd once dubbed … oh, never mind.