Is David Shoebridge the NSW Greens’ Eric Roozendaal? The bush telegraph is alive with rumours that the barrister from Woollahra and lead on the NSW Upper House ticket is not connecting well with greens supporters outside inner Sydney. More red than green, local members have been reporting a desire to keep him in the eastern suburbs and out of their campaigns as much as possible.

The work environment in Borders bookshops has been toxic for quite some time. A high proportion of staff are casual and find their hours cut without notice to four hours per week, rendering them suddenly unable to pay their bills but still expected to be available for whenever the company may want them to work. Experienced staff have found themselves replaced with very young people with no product knowledge or experience on extremely low wages. Managers blatantly and frequently humiliate their workers and push them into resigning. The gift card debacle was the icing on the cake, forcing staff into impossible situations and subjecting them to frequent verbal abuse and in one reported case, being physically spat on by a customer. Thoughts of a class action have been brewing for some time.

Did the NSW Liberals promise funding for Mardi Gras so they didn’t have to repeal other discriminatory laws against the LGBT community?

Peter Fray

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