Don’t get too excited by some of the headlines floating around today. Two & A Half Men has not been cancelled. It’s more in a limbo state.

Following comments made by Charlie Sheen this morning about the showrunner of the sitcom, Chuck Lorre, Warner Bros have announced that this current season of the show is to be ended prematurely, with the last episode shot for the season having aired last week in the US.

Season eight of Two & A Half Men has been cancelled, but a ninth season remains a possibility. For that to happen, there would have to be some pretty serious changes in attitude by Sheen and potentially a longer trip to rehab.

Of course, Two & A Half Men is one of the biggest TV series currently in production (if not the biggest), so the value of the show to all involved may be enough for everyone to put aside their differences and let Charlie Sheen get back to work on the show.

Smart money has it that the show will be back in production later this year. Sheen will have re-entered rehab, done all the talk shows and news programs detailing his drug problems, and admit his complete sorrow at the damage he has caused his family, friends, and co-workers. I wouldn’t expect to see Chuck Lorre as actively involved with the show, but the guy will certainly be cashing his cheques.