Virgin Blue is big on new world glamor and old world hypocrisy today,  launching new uniforms at the same time that two former employees start legal action over their dismissal for being pregnant.

So much for a hip new image, when according to the women concerned,  an anti-parental culture has set in at an airline that claims to have retained the enlightened work place cultures on which it was founded by Richard Branson and Brett Godfrey.

This statement from law firm Maurice Blackburn might be of interest to frequently flying female executives, or those in corporate account management,  who Virgin Blue is trying to win over from Qantas.

Butler said the difference between the published policy and the Virgin Blue’s punitive actions was obvious.

Plane Talking has been told by another source that neither John Borghetti, Virgin Blue’s CEO, nor Richard Branson had any knowledge of these issues.

Both men have outstanding profiles in terms of  engaging  with their people, especially those with a passionate commitment to the Virgin culture. It is something both of them could correct without delay.