The Australian reports this fortnight’s Newspoll has it at 50-50, compared with 52-48 in the Coalition’s favour in the year’s first Newspoll a fortnight ago. Julia Gillard has opened a 53-31 lead over Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister, up from 48-35 last time and basically back where it was at the end of last year. More to follow.

UPDATE: GhostWhoVotes comes good on the primary vote figures: Labor up four points to 36 per cent (and didn’t they need that), the Coalition down three to 41 per cent and the Greens down one to 13 per cent. Personal ratings are even better for the government: Julia Gillard’s approval is up five points to 50 per cent and her disapproval down three to 39 per cent, while Tony Abbott is down four to 38 per cent and up five to 49 per cent. Abbott’s figures are consistent with last week’s Essential Research and inconsistent with Nielsen’s 54-46 to the Coalition last week. Nielsen was also inconsistent with Galaxy’s poll on the weekend, which conformed with the overall trend in showing the situation much as it was on election day.