Guy Rundle, Crikey, yesterday:

“The word has become so overlaid with multiple meanings as to have none at all. No one who criticises it ever seeks to define it, for quite deliberate reasons…

“…once adults have taken on a set of beliefs – so long as they abide by a basic set of laws that guarantee social harmony – they should have the right to hold and express those beliefs not only unmolested, but also un-nagged by some whining notion of, in our case, ‘Australian values’.”

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, Sydney Institute, last night:

“It seems to me, if you accept the benefits of a diverse population, you then have a choice: do you respect, embrace and welcome the cultures of those you have invited to make Australia home or do you shun them?

“…Multiculturalism is about inviting every individual member of society to be everything they can be and supporting each new arrival in overcoming whatever obstacles they face as they adjust to a new country and society and allowing them to flourish as individuals.”

Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser, Crikey, today:

“Labor has really gone back to its values. They’re values I share. They’re talking about fairness for all people, people from different backgrounds, different cultures. They emphasise the primacy of Australian values and laws, everyone always has, but that doesn’t prevent people from having an affection for the land of their birth, it doesn’t stop them respecting old traditions.”

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey