Readers might recall me being less than impressed last October by The Age publishing as news (let me repeat that: as news) ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims that a woman was “raised from the dead” – claims that clearly The Age didn’t really take seriously, as there were never any follow-ups or indeed any kind of critical investigation of what would, if true, have been extraordinary and world-changing news.

Well, the editorial team at Spencer St should give themselves a huge pat on the back, now that their credulous and irresponsible reportage is being used by American crank Pat Robertson and his “Christian Broadcasting Network” as some kind of evidence that “even the secular media” is “reporting on the miracles” (go to 1:53):

Why are all these people “dying” in Nalliah’s presence, anyway?

Congratulations, Age, for sacrificing your former credibility to boost this stuff.

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Let’s hope very few are induced by their former trust in you to accept at face value the ridiculous and unsupported claims these people are making.