Remember this?

We were all collectively horrified. And all sides of politics had the good sense, and the decency, to say so.

But time heals all wounds…

The Australian Federal Police have been working for two months to identify 30 people who were killed when their boat smashed into rocks off Christmas Island on December 15 last year. On Saturday the WA coroner released 17 bodies for repatriation, after they were successfully identified by the Australian Federal Police. Today the first round of funerals will take place in Sydney. Five of the victims’ bodies have been sent overseas for burial.

Thirteen unidentified bodies remain in the care of the WA Coroner.

Opposition immigration spokesperson Scott Morrison had time to formulate this talking point:

“The minister has made a decision to incur quite a significant cost here, and we need to know how much…

…if people wanted to attend the funeral service from Sydney, for example, who may have been relatives of those who wanted these funeral services, well, they could have held the service on Christmas Island and like any other Australian who would have wanted to go to the funeral of someone close to them, they would have paid for themselves to get on a plane and go there.”

Lay off it, Scott.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey