Channel 7 have announced that The Amazing Race – US will air on 7Mate from Sunday Feb 27. “Fast tracked”. Considering that the show starts in the US on Feb 20, a full week prior, I’m not sure just how fast tracked that really is.

Much like Survivor fans, fans of TAR are rabid and will still download the show if forced to wait a full week. In this day and age of the Internet, spoilers lurk everywhere online. Can a hardcore fan really take the risk?


7mate will fast track THE AMAZING RACE: UNFINISHED BUSINESS from Sunday, February
27 at 6:30pm. The 18th season of the Emmy award-winning reality series will feature eleven
former teams returning for another shot at the $1 million dollars in prize money after
narrowly missing out on their first trip around the globe.

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The upcoming series hosted by Phil Keoghan will see competing teams travel 40,000 miles
through 5 continents and 23 cities, including Sydney.

The all-star cast of THE AMAZING RACE: UNFINISHED BUSINESS will feature fan
favourites from previous seasons including The Cowboys, former NFL cheerleaders, The
Harlem Globetrotters and The Goths.

The competing teams will begin their journey around the globe at San Gorgonio Pass, one of
the windiest places on the planet before travelling to Liechtenstein where they must measure
the length of the entire country while riding a motorized bicycle. They will also travel to
Tokyo, Japan, where they must endure the freezing waters from Mount Fuji as part of a
spiritual ritual.

THE AMAZING RACE sends 11 teams on a trek around the world. Each team is comprised of
two people who have a pre-existing relationship with one another. At every destination,
each team competes in a series of challenges — some mental and some physical — and
when the tasks have been completed, they learn their next destination. Teams who are
farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to
arrive at the final destination winning $1 million.

THE AMAZING RACE: UNFINISHED BUSINESS will precede Seven’s launch of The Amazing
Race Australia hosted by Grant Bowler. Eleven teams will give the race a distinctively Aussie
feel when they embark on a 50,000 kilometre worldwide adventure.