Feb 10, 2011

The multimillion dollar corporate plan to destroy WikiLeaks

Anonymous's attack on an American cyber-security company was for the lulz, until it revealed a multimillion dollar plan to attack WikiLeaks.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

There’s been a remarkable sequel to the hilarious payback delivered by Anonymous to American computer security executive Aaron Barr, who last weekend boasted that he had infiltrated Anonymous and could expose the identity of its leaders.

Anonymous promptly cracked Barr’s emails, corporate files and Twitter account, defaced his company’s webpage and released his Anonymous dossier, which turned out to be wildly inaccurate (among Anonymous’s members was said to be “Bernard Keane” of “Autralia”).

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6 thoughts on “The multimillion dollar corporate plan to destroy WikiLeaks

  1. Richard Wilson

    It’s the people who run the system or profit from it versus everybody else – globally.
    It couldnt be more obvious really!

  2. Liz45

    I have a strong feeling, that Julian and his colleagues would be one step ahead of this lot! He’s already put processes in place, that if anything ‘happens’ to him, that some pretty ‘troubling’ documents would be released around the world. I’m sure they’ve thought of hackers.

    I’ve just read an article “U.S. Case Against Assange Hits Wall: Investigators Can’t Find Contact With Manning” – so I think he’s too smart for this lot! The article can be found on AlterNet.

    I can’t wait for the expose of the banks in question!

  3. Meski

    @Bernard: Have you had any repercussions from being on *the* list?

  4. zut alors

    “These are established professionals that have a liberal bent,”…

    Strewth, so this is what frightens corporate USA ie: liberal professionals? This has the stench of another McCarthy era witch hunt.

  5. MLF

    “The bank has been feverishly registering domains that include the names of its directors and executives combined with “sucks” or “blows,” according to Domain Name Wire. Hundreds of domain names were registered by the bank on December 17 alone, Domain Name Wire said.”

    Good god.

    I personally don’t condone what Anonymous did, but what this report is suggesting is contemptible.

    For all involved, everywhere, remember: what goes around comes around. And karma can be a b–itch.

  6. AR

    It can’t be long before governments & BigBiz close ranks and make the current Intertubes their fiefdom – after all, it all depends on central providersand such tekky stuff doesn’t it? I’m only surprised that it has not already occurred…. maybe it HAS..?

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