The Winners: Packed to the Rafters returned as strong as it was last year. My Kitchen Rules lifted as the lead-in. Ten beat Nine, which flopped badly. Home and Away continued its strong start to the year. Seven dominated the demos as well.

  1. Packed to the Rafters (Seven) (7.30pm) — 1.943 million
  2. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) (7.30pm) — 1.551 million
  3. Today Tonight (Seven) (6.30pm) — 1.190 million
  4. Seven News (6pm)– 1.153 million
  5. NCIS (Ten) (9.40pm) — 1.153 million
  6. NCIS (Ten) (8.40pm) — 1.058 million
  7. Home and Away (Seven) (7pm) — 1.048 million
  8. Nine News (6pm)– 1.042 million

The Losers: Nine’s Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth at 9.30pm: 455,000 A spectacular own goal. Nine just doesn’t do comedy, at all.

News & CA: Nine News won Melbourne and Sydney. Both programs had audiences under 300,000, which is low. Today Tonight lost Sydney to ACA, but won the rest. Sunrise lost Melbourne, won the rest and beat Today by more than 100,000 viewers. No move yet on the 6PM With George Negus and 6.30pm Evening News, despite another fall in viewer numbers last night.

In fact Neighbours beat the 6.30 News, 311,000 to 310,000. Close, yes, but it’s still a beating and remember Ten moved Neighbours to Eleven as part of its new strategy to focus on 13 to 29s in that channel. The 6.30pm News was supposed to be for grownups. Negus’ program averaged 382,000 from 6pm. The average for each half hour was around 346,000. Not very encouraging.

By way of contrast, Ten’s half hour of late news and sport at 10.30pm had 440,000 viewers! Also remember that the lead in for the 6pm to 7pm hour on Ten, the News at Five, averaged 752,000, so we are talking about a more than halving in the audience, which then hits The 7pm Project.

  1. Today Tonight (Seven) (6.30pm) — 1.190 million
  2. Seven News (6pm)– 1.153 million
  3. Nine News (6pm)– 1.042 million
  4. A Current Affair (Nine) (6.30pm) — 966,000
  5. ABC News (7pm) — 871,000
  6. Ten News (5pm) — 752,000
  7. The 7pm Project (Ten) (7pm) — 740,000
  8. The 7.30 Report (ABC) (7.30pm) — 688,000
  9. Foreign Correspondent (ABC) (8pm) — 531,000
  10. Late News/Sports Tonight (Ten) (10.40pm) — 440,000
  11. 6PM With George Negus (Ten) (6pm) — 382,000
  12. Ten Evening News (Ten) (6.30pm) — 310,000
  13. SBS News (6.30pm) — 190,000
  14. Lateline (ABC) (10.30pm) – 11.05 pm) — 156,000
  15. SBS News (9.30pm) — 138,000
  16. Lateline Business (ABC) (11.05pm) — 67,000

In the morning:

  1. Sunrise (Seven) (7am) — 390,000
  2. Today (Nine) (7am) — 283,000

The Stats:

  • FTA: Seven (3 channels) won with a share of 34.7%, from Nine (3) on 24.8%, Ten (3) on 23.0%, the ABC (4), 12.1% and SBS (2), 5.4%. Seven leads the week with 32.5% from Nine on 28.7% and Ten with 20.3%.
  • Main Channel: Seven won with a share of 28.9% from Ten on 19.3%, Nine was on 18.7%, ABC 1, 9.3% and SBS ONE, 4.2%. Seven leads the week with 25.8% from Nine on 22.6% and Ten with 16.7%.
  • Digital: The 10 digital channels had an FTA prime time share last night of 19.4% with GO winning with 3.2%, from 7TWO on 3.1%, Eleven and Gem on 2.8% each, 7Mate on 2.7%, ABC 2, 1.5%, SBS TWO, 1.2%, ONE on 0.8%, ABC 3, 0.7%, News 24, 0.6%. The FTA digital shares ranged from 16.3% in Sydney to 21.1% in Adelaide. 7TWO still leads the week on 3.6% from GO on 3.4% and 7Mate on 3.1%.
  • Pay TV: Seven won with a share of 28.9% for its three channels, from Nine (3) on 20.7%, Ten (3), on 19.1%, Pay TV (100 plus channels), 13.6%), the ABC (4), 10.1% and SBS (2), 4.5%. The 15 FTA channels had a total share of 86.4% of all TV viewing in prime time last night. That was made up of 16.2% for the 10 digital channels and 70.2% for the five main channels. Foxtel’s shares ranged from 16.8% in Sydney to 8.5% in Adelaide.
  • Regional: Prime/7Qld (3 channels) won the night with 37.5% from WIN/NBN (3) on 24.8%, SC Ten (3), 20.9%, the ABC (4), 11.6%) and SBS (2), 5.2%. Prime/7Qld won the main channels from WIN/NBN. 7TWO won the digitals with 4.5%, from GO on 3.2% and Eleven on 3.2%. The 10 digital channels had an FTA share of 21.2% in prime time last night. Prime/7Qld leads the week on 32.4% from WIN/NBN on 30.6%.

Major Markets: Seven won everywhere, overall and in the main channels. Ten slipped into second in Perth and Adelaide in both and in Melbourne on the main channels. GO won the digitals in Sydney and Melbourne, Gem won Perth, 7Mate won Brisbane and 7TWO won Adelaide. Seven leads the week in every market.

(All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6pm to midnight All People)

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Foreign Correspondent returned in style with a very solid report on the way Australians keeping turning up in Yemen. Next week it’s the protests in Cairo.

TONIGHT: The ABC returns The New Inventors at 8pm, debuts Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight at 8.30pm and Laid at 9.30 pm. Seven has My Kitchen Rules, Criminal Minds and City Homicide. Nine returns The Farmer Wants a Wife after debuting Mike & Molloy at 8 pm. RPA Where Are They Now returns at 9.30pm. SBS has Rex in Rome.

Programming update: Two days into official ratings, Ten has blinked first. Undercover Boss USA has been pushed from Monday night (608,000) to the near death graveyard of Friday night from next week. Ten will be running NCIS Mondays and Tuesday night of next week. Will Nine move Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth to Saturday nights after its flop last night.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports