In a week with minimal (TV related) news of value and the quest to find a new home to rent, Televised Revolution takes a brief hiatus from our panel format to bring you interviews with David Taylor from Playmaker Media and Nathan Mayfield from Hoodlum. Both companies are involved in producing Foxtels new series multimedia series SLiDE.

The panel will be back next week. Of course, if you want to hear Dan and Simon natter on about television, you can check out our sister podcast The 400 Club. Episode 2 has been recorded and will be uploaded shortly. The 400 Club Podcast brings you reviews of the weeks most interesting TV shows from across the globe each and every darn week.

As always, we look forward to receiving your mail and check us out on the Twitter / Facebook. You can also find the podcast on iTunes (please leave us a review, it helps people find the show).
The episode can be downloaded/listened to here:
Televised Revolution Podcast – Episode 26

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