This is where we write a headline. Yesterday’s shocking revelations in the Sunday Age‘s Heckler column that Herald Sun sub-editorial dinner breaks had been slashed to just 20 minutes prompted Crikey to revisit last week’s Southbank offerings to uncover evidence of slipping standards. It didn’t take long to discover a page three yarn with the headline “Head goes goes goes” and par after par of lorem ipsum placeholder text.


In subsequent editions, the Latin gibberish was replaced with some PR for the Andrew Lloyd-Webber opus Love Never Dies — not necessarily an improvement. — Andrew Crook

Fairfax mag not sure who leads it. It seems The Age‘s portentously titled (Melbourne) magazine, hasn’t cottoned on to recent excavations at the upper echelons of the company. February (and January’s) edition both listed the $3.2 billion dollar media giant’s CEO as someone called “Brian McCarthy”.

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McCarthy, of course, stepped down way back on December 6 with favourite son Greg Hywood immediately appointed as acting chief. As Crikey revealed last week, his ongoing permanent status will be announced following the company’s board meeting this Friday. — Andrew Crook

The phone hacking cracks at New Ltd.

“As a public show of unity, it was classic Rupert Murdoch. With his British media empire embroiled in three separate crises at once — its biggest challenge since he moved the company to Wapping 25 years ago this week — the News Corporation chief turned up for lunch in the staff canteen with his key executives by his side.” — The Guardian

CCTV tries to pass off Top Gun clip as military drill?

“Beijing has lately stepped up its campaign against the country’s ‘fake news’ scourge, with the General Administration of Press and Publications putting pressure on news organizations to dismiss journalists suspected of doctoring their stories. Ironically, the latest example of alleged news fakery comes from China’s own state broadcaster, CCTV.” — Wall Street Journal

Political blogs are ready to flood US campaign trail.

“The New Hampshire primary is over a year away, and the first major candidate has yet to formally declare. Just don’t tell that to outlets like Politico, Talking Points Memo and RealClearPolitics, which are already planning to smother the 2012 campaign trail in a way they could never have imagined four years ago when they had far smaller staffs of bloggers and shoestring budgets.” — New York Times

Why p-rn stars hate Facebook.

“P-rn stars love Twitter: They chat with fans, tweet Amazon wish lists so their fans can buy them presents, tweet NSFW pictures of partying with Charlie Sheen. But p-rn stars do not like Facebook, because Facebook doesn’t like them.” — Gawker

Kindle is mightier than the book, for Amazon at least.

“For the first time, Amazon’s Kindle book sales have overtaken those of their paperbacks, making ebooks the company’s most popular format in the US.” — New Scientist