I’m trying to figure out quite what the hell this post on news.com.au is actually about:

Wait until they get around to Jaffas

Not just bigotted [sic] but ignorant:

The writer at Rupert’s site then quotes these lines from a story about a Greens councillor objecting to Coles mislabelling fruit as “product of Australia” when it’s actually imported:

The government crackdown comes after a (Greens) Sydney City councillor, Irene Doutney, and individual consumers reported on extensive evidence that Coles was mislabelling fruit.

Ms Doutney said that at Coles Broadway, ”Fruit such as Jaffa red grapefruit, which other shops have correctly labelled ‘product of Israel’, is being labelled as a ‘product of Australia’.”

Mr Cooper said activists with a “pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli” bent had tried to apply pressure on Coles over its purchase of Israeli products.

To which the writer, a News Ltd editor named Andrew Bolt, responds by telling “Doutney and her Greenshirts” that Jaffa red grapefruit are also grown in other countries, so there, and concludes “But I guess to this lot, all Jaffa oranges look somehow Jewish, just as all Jews look somehow guilty, right?”

Um, what?

I can’t see anything in the story – or the reader tip-off – that contradicts the claim that the oranges were being mislabelled, which is all Doutney is quoted speaking about. Does Mr Bolt not believe in honest labelling of products? Does he see no problem with “made in Australia” being tacked onto imported fruit?

And, if his greater point is that he dislikes the Greens’ criticism of policies of the government of Israel, then could he make it honestly and stop pretending that they’re attacking Jews? Surely he’s intellectually capable of distinguishing between criticism of a government and hatred of the people who live under it.

Or does he take personal offence every time someone criticises the Gillard government?

PS “Greenshirts”? He really was on a Godwin bender last week, wasn’t he?