Levy/levee watch #1. From today’s Ballarat The Courier online:


Guthrie: My battles with Rupert Murdoch.

“News Corp is a company only interested in outcomes. It has no interest in process. And it will pretty much do or say whatever it takes to achieve its ends. I have often thought that if Nike hadn’t already trademarked the slogan Just Do It, News would have.” — The Guardian

News Corporation to release iPad newspaper The Daily next week.

“One year to the day after Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad, the News Corporation said it was ready to unveil its iPad newspaper, The Daily. The News Corporation said on Thursday that it would release the highly anticipated app on Feb. 2.” — New York Times

Jay Carney to be next White House Press Secretary.

“Jay Carney, Vice President Joe Biden’s top spokesman, is taking over the post of White House Press Secretary, multiple Democratic sources confirmed to The Huffington Post.” — Huffington Post

Sarkozy wants a “civilised” Internet.

“With France at the Presidency of the G20 group in 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy has recently announced the intention to convene a G20 meeting to discuss Internet and copyright issues, before the full G20 summit of heads of state and government in Cannes in November.” — Digital Civil Rights in Europe

The best online advertising placement ever?