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Flood levy: the best packaging from Labor for a long while

CrikeyJan 27, 2011

The Prime Minister has switched the Government’s campaign for a flood recovery levy from a fiscal to an economic focus, arguing it is critical to ensuring the recovery effort doesn’t drive inflation and skill shortages, reports Bernard Keane.

Pentagon red faced over WikiLeaks suspect

Pentagon red faced over WikiLeaks suspect

Harley DennettJan 27, 201110 Comments

The US Department of Defence suffered another damaging leak this week when NBC learnt the government’s chief suspect in the WikiLeaks case could not be tied to Julian Assange by its own investigation, writes Harley Dennett, in Washington DC.

Jetstar ... are you being served? Well, yes, but only sometimes

Ben SandilandsJan 27, 20112 Comments

Passengers flying economy who make connections from full-service airlines to Jetstar will continue on "selected" flights to get meals and the same free baggage allowance as they took for granted on their non-Jetstar flights.

What does Australia Day mean for the 'iPod generation'?

Mel CampbellJan 27, 201111 Comments

Most of my peers don’t buy into the pageantry of Australia Day. They might enjoy their day off, get drunk on Aussie beer and wine and eat lamb, pavlova and lamingtons, but they’re uncomfortable with conspicuous nationalism.

Laugh until you cry -- can we put a levy on political stupidity?

Bernard KeaneJan 27, 201145 Comments

The debate over the flood levy is one of those moments that makes you want to cry over the mediocrity of our leaders.

McGuire Supreme Court challenge could expose Broady branch stacks

Andrew CrookJan 27, 20111 Comment

This morning's backing by CFMEU overlord Bill Oliver of a Supreme Court challenge to block the ALP National Executive's parachuting of Frank McGuire into John Brumby's seat of Broadmeadows is almost certain to founder and will instead shine a light on the electorate's notorious history of branch stacking, party insiders say.

NASA climate chief: Labor's targets a 'recipe for disaster'

NASA climate chief: Labor's targets a 'recipe for disaster'

bby author David SprattJan 27, 201128 Comments

NASA climate expert James Hansen says that the Australian government goals of limiting human-made warming to 2 degrees and CO2 to 450 ppm are prescriptions for disaster, writes author David Spratt

Community sector excluded from flood disaster talks

by Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO, Australian Council of Social ServiceJan 27, 20112 Comments

Some important voices are missing in talks on how to fund the national response to the floods, writes Dr Cassandra Goldie, CEO, Australian Council of Social Service.

Egyptians online and on the streets, but a US ally stands firm

Egyptians online and on the streets, but a US ally stands firm

Jason WhittakerJan 27, 20113 Comments

"This is the beginning of an uprising," Mohamed ElBaradei reportedly told Al Jazerra yesterday. ElBaradei has been dubbed Egypt's "reluctant revolutionary" and is viewed as the man who could help topple an oppressive regime.

Female MPs: you're either a mum, or the owner of an empty fruit bowl

Amber JamiesonJan 27, 20114 Comments

Far more than men, female politicians have their political identities framed around their family and relationship situation.

https://www.crikey.com.au/2011/01/27/female-mps-youre-either-a-mum-or-the-owner-of-an-empty-fruit-bowl/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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