Last night I realised something, I have too many friends. Not real, tangible, physical friends, but Facebook friends.

Five hundred and eighty seven. It looks even bigger spelled out. I’m sure most of them don’t even consider me their friend. I know I don’t. How did I accumulate these people? I’ve figured most fit into three categories: met through education, met once drinking or at an event or former friends who I haven’t spoken to in yonks.

So, pah! I’m going to go through my Facebook and delete everyone I wouldn’t call a “friend”, I decided, because I want my Facebook friends to line up with my real friends.

Crikey readers, I propose tonight you should go home and do a cull. Be ruthless and ask yourselves the following questions as you stare at the person’s profile picture:

If I walked past this person in the street, would I stare intently at my phone/book/feet or stop and say “Hi”? If your answer is the former, delete.

Do I want this person trawling through my Facebook profile — pictures, posts and all? If not, either take off inappropriate information you don’t really want some people to see, adjust your privacy settings or press that X button.

If I delete this person, will they notice? Trust me, you don’t want them to. I once deleted an ex-acquaintance from volunteering who had my mobile number and proceeded to send me a text message that night. It read something along the lines of: “I know we used to be Facebook friends. And now we are not. If you wanted to hurt my feelings, bingo.” Personally, I thought that was a bit strong for someone I had met only once, so Facebook friending them was probably a bad idea in the first place.

Unlike ordinary friends, Facebook friends can be calculated and decided by both involved without a conversation. So instead of letting your status updates and photos go onto the news feeds of people you don’t really know, or like, cull, amp up the security and reclaim your internet-personal life.