VCAT has some swearing to do. More than 300 members of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal have not taken an oath of office. Yet 4500-odd justice of the peace have.

Are you hording illegal wattle? The AG’s office is calling for public submissions into its consultation on model drug schedules for Commonwealth serious drug offences. This will include expanding the list of plants illegal to grow in Australia. It will make hundreds of plant species — native and non-native — illegal to grow in Australia, even many wattles due to their DMT content (an hallucinogenic drug).

It is quite mind boggling — potentially tens of thousands of Australians with wattles, cacti, brugmansia, datura growing in their garden will become potential criminals. I am guessing our police will have to take crash courses in botanical taxonomy now. I imagine the biggest loser in this will be Bunnings as, based on the AG’s argument, they are a criminal organisation who threaten our national security.

Who favours friends in Moonee Valley? Name the Moonee Valley councilor who has voted in favour of several building applications involving friends of his. A list of some has already been compiled, with evidence and admissions from one builder and this will soon be sent to the new minister.

A landlord saviour in the floods. Regarding your story on rent increases in flooded areas: I’ve dropped the rent slightly in my newly-vacant property and am taking a flood victim on a month to month lease. Not Mother Theresa, but it isn’t all bad.

Jetstar loses some days. Imagine my surprise when picking up a complimentary Jetstar calendar on a Newcastle to Melbourne flight on Monday — I noticed a couple of days missing! If your birthday is October 27 or September 29 then Jetstar is not celebrating it…

Jetstar September

Jetstar October