US-China experts are calling it the most important US visit by a Chinese leader since Deng Xiaoping’s groundbreaking 1979 tour. During his historic visit President Hu Jintao has cited his work with President Obama on Iran, North Korea, the global economic crisis and climate change as evidence that, despite a difficult year in US-China relations, the two countries are binded by these issues. As is the rest of the world.

The president has also, in so many words, suggested the US should back off over Tibet and Taiwan.

The US media have been all over the visit, detailing everything from the global implications of the visit, the significance of Hu’s visit to Chicago, to the CEO of Coca Cola’s toast faux pas, and the ingestion of apple pie.

Then there’s Rush Limbaugh. We give you the Mickey Rooney stylings of the popular radio commentator, with his take on events:


Who said the standard of political discourse in the US was slipping?