Fairfax goes shopping. The “secret” project at Fairfax is not “Project X” … it’s Project Web-X. Fairfax is partnering with venture capitalists and selected entrepreneurial staff (apparently there are four) to create, develop and market new online businesses. The thinking being that these staff would leave if not offered this opportunity.

The key seems to be how to bypass the normal (and slow) internal development processes. First cab off the rank: online shopping! You may sell a few socks and books, but look at UK newspapers and they are selling everything: holidays, flights, books, superannuation, credit cards, clothing, etc

John Malkovich bores in Sydney. It seems the much vaunted production of  The Giacomo Variations at the Sydney Festival may not be all we have been led to believe. At least one of the many early departing members of the audience at last night’s buttock-numbing three-hour performance was heard to shout “this is all crap” at John Malkovich and his compatriots on the stage.