Jan 19, 2011

Smart summer reading: bogans not nationally lampooned

Published by Hachette Australia Things Bogans Like is an example of a relatively new phenomenon: the blog-to-book publishing project.

Mel Campbell — Freelance journalist and critic

Mel Campbell

Freelance journalist and critic

Things Bogans Like is an example of a relatively new phenomenon: the blog-to-book publishing project. The first blog-based books were easily slotted into conventional publishing genres: confessional memoirs and glossy coffee-table tomes seemed the natural model. More recent efforts have been heavily influenced by the thematic approach popularised by the Tumblr microblogging platform.

These blogs tend to begin with an overarching topic, then collect examples of it, post by post. “Tumblelogs” that have earned book deals include 1001 Rules For My Unborn Son, Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves and Look At This F-cking Hipster. The much-publicised Sh-t My Dad Says began in a similar vein as a Twitter account. Unlike some of its cousins though, Things Bogans Like suffers from the contrasting ways in which blogs and books are consumed.

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8 thoughts on “Smart summer reading: bogans not nationally lampooned

  1. Holden Back

    What Bogans Don’t Like might give more away about it authors.

  2. Mark Duffett

    Anyone can make a typo, but there’s no excuse for an ‘editor and publisher’ writing “Bass Straight”.

  3. Sophie Black

    Ed: we’ve amended that reference, thanks Mark, we should’ve picked it up

  4. chubbybloodfart

    “a bogan turns out to be anyone who goes in for aggressive shopping binges, uninhibited public behaviour and mainstream pop culture”

    that works out to be about 80% of the dumbed down, ignorant, mindless consuming, xenophobic population.
    there’s your “So What?”
    Bogan proclivities + Marketing genius = New Yacht + Social Sewer.

  5. mattsui

    What ever happened to the ‘westie’?

  6. Dominic Kelly

    Bravo Mel. Very similar to what I’ve been arguing to friends for some time. This rubbish blog/book takes the premise of the brilliant Stuff White People Like and turns it into sneering, elitist drivel shorn of all wit.

  7. Patrick Brosnan

    “the tone pitches about like The Spirit of Tasmania on Bass Strait”
    Is this irony? It better be because as a metaphor it’s crap writing.

  8. Ed

    “usually they call the bogan ‘it’, but sometimes revert to mentioning a gender when a sentence would be confusing otherwise”.

    How mortifying.

    Also, you seem to lambast the authors for errors that happen at the editing and publishing end (such as internal consistency), then your piece is edited in such a way that the TITLE OF THE BOOK YOU’RE REVIEWING changes during the article. The book was a blog, as you say, and consistency is hard to wrangle from 200-odd loosely linked pieces. You can’t seem to manage it in a 1,000 word review.

    You make some potentially valid points and then squander them in the same manner.

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