Where’s the money trail, ACON? The Sydney Morning Herald reported yesterday on NSW AIDS group ACON and its “squandering” of millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money. While ACON pays its workers on the ground peanuts, look carefully at what it pays certain “special” people and there you will see the money drain. ACON has long been out of touch with the gay community in Sydney and instead operates like a coven, for a select few gay elite. There is also extraordinary tension within the organisation on its fixation with non-HIV related issues like, for example, HIV amongst the lesbian population (ie: there is none). We need a proper gay men’s health service.

Go easy on insurance companies. I see that the PM is the first out of the blocks to demonise insurance companies, who are asked to be compassionate to those who have lost so much in the floods. A large percentage of the properties, both private homes and businesses, will not have insurance due to the fact that they are located in areas that are likely to flood and therefore the coverage was expensive. This is not the insurance companies’ fault, it is just business.

I don’t work in insurance, but I know people who do — some of these people are also flood victims and will be facing their own personal issues while also having to turn up to work to be abused by customers in similar circumstances, with the PM’s blessing. Perhaps Julia could instead ask everybody to be compassionate to the poor person on the end of the phone who can do no more than enforce the policy conditions that any individual has.

Too soon, Nine? Which movie did Nine’s GEM digital channel run on Saturday, after nearly a week of non-stop flood coverage? The Dam Busters.